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11 of the most representative buildings in Merida


If you are in Merida, you will see some beautiful buildings, some of them are points of reference to all Yucatecans. All of them are full of color, history and its architecture its very majestic. 1.- Cathedral View this post on Instagram Catedral de San Ildefonso, Mérida, Yucatán, México 2015 #catedral #meridayucatan #yucatan #ig_exquisite #ig_today…

13 things to do in Yucatan


We want to let you know 13 things which you can do in Yucatan. You will enjoy all of them, you will love Yucatan, their culture, places, people, food and history. 1.- Take a relaxing walk in Paseo de Montejo View this post on Instagram Al visitar Mérida no te pierdas el dar un recorrido…

Things what we don´t care anymore in Yucatan

ojo de agua de celestun

Once you move to live in Yucatan, you’ll forget about many things, like: 1.- The diet. Nothing make us more happy than the pleasure of eat   2.- We don´t care about season, we only have two. Hot and very hot View this post on Instagram Imagen de @enidcueto_ elegida por ・・・ Quiero…

Do you have a Yucatecan friend? Those are some differences between a normal friend and the Yucatecan.

celestun yucatan

A normal friend greets you with a smile and a handshake when you find in the Street. A Yucatecan friend greets you with a big hug and instead of “Hello”, he says “When we go for two?”   View this post on Instagram #CervezaPatito #Universitarios A post shared by Rodolfo A. Rivera (@rodolforivera97) on Nov…

Centro histórico de Mérida

El centro histórico de Mérida es un hermoso lugar repleto de historia, alberga numerosas obras de arte colonial, personajes emblemáticos, edificios de mucho valor arquitectónico y artístico, por algo es considerado uno de los más bellos y el segundo más grande del país. Si quiere conocer un poco de historia y tradición al mismo tiempo…

Merida, Yucatan. The White City

Ermita de santa isabel, merida, yucatan

Merida is the capital and largest city in Yucatan state and the cultural and financial capital of the region. It’s a modern, cosmopolitan city with museums, art galleries, restaurants, shops, and boutiques. A major center of commerce, Merida Yucatan is considered the crossroads of the region and one of the most important places to experience…

Paseo de Montejo, Colonial Splendor in Merida

foto del remate. Inicio del remate

Merida’s elegant tree-lined Paseo de Montejo is the city’s main boulevard and most fashionable district. Once a primarily residential area, the Paseo de Montejo in Merida has since been commercialized and many of the historic 19th century mansions that line the boulevard have been converted into restaurants, nightclubs, boutique hotels, shops, office buildings and museums….

House of Montejo

merida, yucatan. merida tour

It was built between 1543 and 1549 by Francisco de Montejo y Leon “El Mozo” by appointment of his father, in order to provide a home for the Spanish conquerors. View this post on Instagram Casa de montejo 🗿#meridatudestino #turismo #venameridablanca #casademontejo A post shared by luz Mendoza (@mendozalucezita) on Aug 12, 2016 at 9:57am…

Merida Government Palace

Palacio de gobierno de Mérida visto desde el exterior

This magnificent building had its precedent headquarters on the Royal Houses, colonial government place. It served both as office for administrative and government business, as well as bedrooms for the official representatives of the Crown. Once independence was consumed the place was called Government Palace, and in the late XIX century the old building was…

The 5 museum in Yucatan that you must visit

museum palacio canton, merida, yucatan

YUCATAN REGIONAL MUSEUM “CANTON PALACE” View this post on Instagram #Museo #PalacioCanton #Merida #Yucatan #Turismo #PaseoDeMontejo #Mexico #Cultura #Palacio A post shared by Photography_arte (@photographyartemid) on Mar 24, 2016 at 12:42pm PDT   MACAY MUSEUM View this post on Instagram Edificio "Ateneo Peninsular", actualmente es el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo MACAY. Merida Yucatán. –…

Merida, Main square plaza grande

merida, yucatan. plaza grande. merida tour

The starting point to know Merida is the Plaza Mayor. For over three centuries, the Plaza Grande, as it is called by local people of the region, is the heart from which develops the political, ecclesiastical and civil authorities of the city. Silent witness of history that has been written about it, major events were…

6 Things to do in Yucatan this summer

1.- Archaeological site of Mayapán: Beyond the crowds at other major sites, magnificent Mayapán is often overlooked but is equally important historically. 30 minutes from Mérida. Mayapan, Yucatan 2.- Choco-story chocolate museum: Across from the entrance to Uxmal. Taste a natural cacao beverage, watch the live crafting…

7 things you must know about Yucatan

uxmal, yucatan, mexico

Yucatan downtown is the second largest in Mexico. The first one is in Mexico City Merida Centro historico The second language in Yucatan is the Maya.lengua maya en yucatan Yucatan have cenotes cenotes

Merida, The White City

merida, yucatan. monument

Merida, the White City, the ancient Maya city of T’ho that traces the paths to discover the riches of the Maya civilization: it is a quiet city, picturesque, romantic and bohemian; where stone is transformed into poetry and song; where the aromas, flavors and colors of the Yucatecan cuisine combine; always resplendent, festive always, always…

Welcome to Yucatan

chichen itza tour

The beginnings and origin of who we are today was born in the land of the Maya, the Mayan, with the ancient Maya civilization to which we belong and whose ancient heritage fills us with pride. Humanity in the 21st century searches to reconnect with ourselves, to become reconciled with nature and learn from their…