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13 things to do in Yucatan


We want to let you know 13 things which you can do in Yucatan. You will enjoy all of them, you will love Yucatan, their culture, places, people, food and history.
1.- Take a relaxing walk in Paseo de Montejo


2.- Take a tour in a horse carriage


3.- Visit the museum Palacio Canton


4.- Take a visit to the Monumento to the Homeland and learn about its history


5.- Visit the Cathedral of San Idelfonso, the first cathedral in latinoamerica


6.- Try a marquesita or esquite, traditional snacks, you can get them at the parks like Santiago, Santa Lucia, Santa Ana.


7.- Try the delicious and traditional panuchos and salbutes


8.- Take a tour in the Turibus


9.- Every friday you can enjoy the Mayan ball game and other cultural activities


10.- Go to a bar and take a relax, enjoy the beverage from Mayan Gods, Xtabentun


11.- Take a tour to Izamal and lear about the history from this Magic Town


12.- Take a tour to the majestic Chichen Itza


13.- Take a tour to the Cenotes and enjoy their beauty


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