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Traditional Celebrations in Yucatan

Vaquerias are traditional feasts and celebrations of music and dance unique to Yucatán. The traditional Vaqueria Feast is influenced by the traditions of the both the indigenous Maya and the Spanish and is usually held in honor of the patron saint of a village or hacienda (plantation). The fiesta typically lasts for several days and…

7 things you must know about Yucatan

Merida’s downtown is the second largest in Mexico. The first one is in Mexico City. The second language in Yucatan is the Mayan language. Yucatan has cenotes. You can’t get lost. All the streets have numbers. Even numbers from north to south and odd numbers from east to west. Yucatan has its own alcoholic beverage,…

Welcome to Yucatan

The beginnings and origin of who we are today were born in the land of the Mayas, the Mayan, with the ancient Maya civilization to which we belong and whose ancient heritage fills us with pride. Humanity in the 21st-century searches to reconnect with ourselves, to become reconciled with nature, and to learn from their…

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