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Yucatecan Cuisine

11 yucatecan dishes that you must try. You will love them


The Yucatecan cuisine has many dishes, very particulars and representatives from the region, who tries any of them, can be sure, he never going to have anything like that in his entire life. The flavor, the smell, the simple fact to watch the people cooking  one of these dishes is a pleasure. We want to…

13 things to do in Yucatan


We want to let you know 13 things which you can do in Yucatan. You will enjoy all of them, you will love Yucatan, their culture, places, people, food and history. 1.- Take a relaxing walk in Paseo de Montejo View this post on Instagram Al visitar Mérida no te pierdas el dar un recorrido…

Things what we don´t care anymore in Yucatan

ojo de agua de celestun

Once you move to live in Yucatan, you’ll forget about many things, like: 1.- The diet. Nothing make us more happy than the pleasure of eat   2.- We don´t care about season, we only have two. Hot and very hot View this post on Instagram Imagen de @enidcueto_ elegida por ・・・ Quiero…

Yucatecan Delicacies

Traditional Cochinita Pibil

Fragrant and tangy, Yucatecan cuisine delights the palate with flavors unique to the region. The distinct regional cuisine of Yucatan state incorporates many of the ingredients traditionally used in Mayan cooking including corn, chocolate, wild turkey, squash, chiles and tomatoes, with European ingredients such as pork and oranges from the Spanish and edam cheese from…