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Things we don’t care about in Yucatan

ojo de agua de celestun

Once you move to Yucatan, you’ll forget about many things, like:


1.- The diet. Nothing make us happier than the pleasure of eating.

@yucatantoday on Instagram.


2.- We don’t care about seasons, we only have two. Hot and very hot.

@lavieenlucie on Instagram.


3.- Wearing suits in the office. Unless you work at a bank, you don’t need to wear one.

@casacatba on Instagram.

4.- Spending money on jackets or boots for winter.

@brisveey_santana on Instagram.


5.- Being stuck in traffic for a long time.

@raw_doorswindowsfacades on Instagram.


6.- Being far from the beach. You don’t need to wait for a special season or vacation, you can go to the beach at anytime.

@ra_ri on Instagram.


7.- Forget about heating.

@melydou_ on Instagram.