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Do you have a Yucatecan friend? Those are some differences between a normal friend and the Yucatecan.

celestun yucatan

A normal friend greets you with a smile and a handshake when you find in the Street.
A Yucatecan friend greets you with a big hug and instead of “Hello”, he says “When we go for two?”


A normal friend will follow you wherever you go.
A Yucatecan friend will also accompany you to the end of the world… but depending on how many girls you have invited.


A normal friend gives you a Pepto-Bismol for your stomach ailment …
A Yucatecan friend asks you if you have choc nac and gives you a Coke with lemon.


A normal friend is able to get up on a Sunday if you ask …
A Yucatecan friend will never wake up early in a Sunday … Unless the plan includes baseball game and “Cochinita”.

A normal friend would use some hot sauce on his food…
A Yucatecan friend will always ask for the habanero sauce.