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things to do

6 Things to do in Yucatan this summer

1.- Archaeological site of Mayapán: Beyond the crowds at other major sites, magnificent Mayapán is often overlooked but is equally important historically. 30 minutes from Mérida. 2.- Choco-story chocolate museum: Across from the entrance to Uxmal. Taste a natural cacao beverage, watch the live crafting of hand-made ceramics, experience a Maya ceremony, and spend time…

7 things you must know about Yucatan

Yucatan downtown is the second largest in Mexico. The first one is in Mexico City The second language in Yucatan is the Maya. Yucatan have cenotes  You can´t get lost. All the street has numbers. Even numbers from north to south and odd numbers from east to west. The cornes used to have names. Yucatan…

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