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11 yucatecan dishes that you must try. You will love them


The Yucatecan cuisine has many dishes, very particulars and representatives from the region, who tries any of them, can be sure, he never going to have anything like that in his entire life. The flavor, the smell, the simple fact to watch the people cooking  one of these dishes is a pleasure.

We want to let you know about some of these traditional dishes… enjoy it!

1.- Frijol con puerco.- it is a tradition to enjoy this dish on mondays

2.- Poc – Chuc

3.- Panuchos

4.- Salbutes

5.- Mucbilpollo (Pib)

5.- Papadzules

6.- Sopa de Lima

7.- Queso Relleno

8.- Escabeche Oriental

9.- Huevos Motuleños

10.- Relleno Negro

11.- Cochinita Pibil