Yucatan Peninsula

Cenotes near to Valladolid, secrets of the Mayans land.

diving into a canote cavern in Yucatan

If you want to cool off in clear and transparent water, you don’t need to leave Valladolid in the Yucatan Peninsula, and at the same time very close to Merida and the Riviera Maya. Quite close to the city, underground fresh water pools from underground rivers connected throughout the Peninsula await you. In several of…

Xtabentun, nectar from the mayas: The legend behind this liqueur.

Xtabentun liqueur

As seductive as the legend behind it, Xtabentun is an ancestral Mayan liqueur, very famous in the Yucatan peninsula, which is made from fermented honey, resulting from the work of bees that pollinate the xtabentun flower, and rum or anis liqueur. Its name means “vine that grows on stone” or “morning glory” and just to…

7 things you must know about Yucatan

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Yucatan downtown is the second largest in Mexico. The first one is in Mexico City Merida Centro historico The second language in Yucatan is the Maya.lengua maya en yucatan Yucatan have cenotes cenotes You can´t…

Welcome to Yucatan

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The beginnings and origin of who we are today was born in the land of the Maya, the Mayan, with the ancient Maya civilization to which we belong and whose ancient heritage fills us with pride. Humanity in the 21st century searches to reconnect with ourselves, to become reconciled with nature and learn from their…