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6 traditional souvenirs that you can buy in Yucatan

If you are planning visit Merida, or you are already here, you must know about some traditional souvenirs that you can buy in the region. 1.- Hammock 2.- Guayabera 3.- Honey 4.- Recados 5.- Regional huipil (embroidery)   6.- Xtabentun

Xtabentun, nectar from the mayas: The legend behind this liqueur.

As seductive as the legend behind it, Xtabentun is an ancestral Mayan liqueur, very famous in the Yucatan peninsula. The liqueur is made from fermented honey, resulting from the work of bees that pollinate the xtabentun flower, and rum or anis liqueur. Its name means “vine that grows on stone” or “morning glory” and just…