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Cenotes near to Valladolid, secrets of the Mayans land.

diving into a canote cavern in Yucatan

If you want to cool off in clear and transparent water, you don’t need to leave Valladolid in the Yucatan Peninsula, and at the same time very close to Merida and the Riviera Maya. Quite close to the city, underground fresh water pools from underground rivers connected throughout the Peninsula await you. In several of…

House of Montejo

merida, yucatan. merida tour

It was built between 1543 and 1549 by Francisco de Montejo y Leon “El Mozo” by appointment of his father, in order to provide a home for the Spanish conquerors. View this post on Instagram Casa de montejo 🗿#meridatudestino #turismo #venameridablanca #casademontejo A post shared by luz Mendoza (@mendozalucezita) on Aug 12, 2016 at 9:57am…

Merida Government Palace

Palacio de gobierno de Mérida visto desde el exterior

This magnificent building had its precedent headquarters on the Royal Houses, colonial government place. It served both as office for administrative and government business, as well as bedrooms for the official representatives of the Crown. Once independence was consumed the place was called Government Palace, and in the late XIX century the old building was…

Merida, Main square plaza grande

merida, yucatan. plaza grande. merida tour

The starting point to know Merida is the Plaza Mayor. For over three centuries, the Plaza Grande, as it is called by local people of the region, is the heart from which develops the political, ecclesiastical and civil authorities of the city. Silent witness of history that has been written about it, major events were…

Merida, The White City

merida, yucatan. monument

Merida, the White City, the ancient Maya city of T’ho that traces the paths to discover the riches of the Maya civilization: it is a quiet city, picturesque, romantic and bohemian; where stone is transformed into poetry and song; where the aromas, flavors and colors of the Yucatecan cuisine combine; always resplendent, festive always, always…