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Merida Yucatan

Merida, Yucatan. The White City

Merida is the capital and largest city in Yucatan state and the cultural and financial capital of the region. It’s a modern, cosmopolitan city with museums, art galleries, restaurants, shops, and boutiques. A major center of commerce, Merida Yucatan is considered the crossroads of the region and one of the most important places to experience…

Paseo de Montejo, Colonial Splendor in Merida

Merida’s elegant tree-lined Paseo de Montejo is the city’s main boulevard and most fashionable district. Once a primarily residential area, the Paseo de Montejo in Merida has since been commercialized and many of the historic 19th century mansions that line the boulevard have been converted into restaurants, nightclubs, boutique hotels, shops, office buildings and museums….

Merida, Main square Plaza Grande

The starting point to know Merida is the Plaza Mayor. For over three centuries, the Plaza Grande, as it is called by local people of the region, is the heart from which develops the political, ecclesiastical and civil authorities of the city. Silent witness of history that has been written about it, major events were…

Merida, The White City

Merida, the White City, the ancient Maya city of T’ho that traces the paths to discover the riches of the Maya civilization: it is a quiet city, picturesque, romantic and bohemian; where stone is transformed into poetry and song; where the aromas, flavors, and colors of the Yucatecan cuisine combine; always resplendent, festive always, always…