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Jacinto Canek, The Mayan Hero


Was an 18th-century Maya revolutionary who fought against the Spanish in the Yucatan Peninsula
Born in Campeche, in a convent, their parents were mayan natives under the franciscan command. Who discover his intelligence and toked under their education. He learn about latin tongue, grammar and history. Jacinto traveled to Merida with his teacher (a friar), who began to see the injustice that his people suffered.

In that time, only the people who was faithful to the religion could study and learn, but to Can-Ek, that was different, the knowledge released his mind and their eyes were opened by the truth.
Soon, Jacinto began to show his rebellion with his actions and words. The priest punished him to try to keep his silence, but that did not work with Can-Ek, and was rejected from the convent. That action worked, Jacinto understood his mission, went to the town and started to talk with the crowd, and started the rebellion against the spanish conquerors.
Can-Ek was a special way to talk with his people, and show that they could do anything what they deserved, reach their dreams, deserved respect and being recognized as race.
He was brave, he spoke perfectly his native tongue, the maya, and the spanish and latin. Knew all about his people history, no one could cheat him, his knowledge was even better than many others.
He knew that the spanish conquerors takes his people under their commands with two powerful weapons, the religion and the sword. Was time to release the chains.