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Yucatan Haciendas

Hacienda from Yucatan

The way of life in the Yucatan peninsula, which blends elegance and freshness, is reflected in the henequen (sisal) producing haciendas scattered throughout the low jungle prevailing in the region. These exquisite constructions enjoyed their first splendor at the turn of the twentieth century, and they have once again become a global benchmark for luxury and simplicity today.

It is quite common to find in these haciendas a symbiosis between nature and history: the Maya settled near a cenote, a natural water reservoir, which is why several haciendas have an archaeological site nearby, like the San Pedro Ochil hacienda or the Yaxcopoil hacienda.

There is a henequen producing hacienda virtually anywhere in Yucatan. Some of them are now in ruins, which you will be able to see from the highway. Others have become tourist attractions from where visitors tour the cenotes or make short trips by train. Among the best known is Teya and its famous restaurant, and Sotuta de Peon, which is one of the few haciendas that remain in operation.

For overnight stays there is a diverse offering: from the small and private haciendas such as Misne, Santa Rosa and San Antonio Millet, to the majestic haciendas, such as Temozon, that greets its visitors with a beautiful red façade and a pool reflecting the deep blue sky of Yucatan. Although each has its unique details, the haciendas have a shared success: the meticulous decor really conveys the feeling of living in another era. Their elegant coolness relaxes the senses and makes you lose track of time, and the warmth with which you are treated makes you feel as if you were the master of the hacienda.

Choosing a hacienda in Yucatan for your stay will be a challenge, even though you can make your decision based upon the optional activities they offer: strolls in botanical gardens, workshops with traditional Maya healers, interaction with local artisans or bike rides around the neighboring areas. Some of them have spas and others offer the refreshing experience of swimming in a cenote. Other haciendas are rented to a single guest, thus ensuring exclusivity.