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Celestun a beautiful experience with the wildlife and nature

Pink flamingo from Celestun Yucatan

Celestun is a picturesque coast village whose virgin beaches have made it an ideal showcase for those who seek to get away from the hustle of the massive tourist sites. Its name means “painted stone” in Mayan language and, given its tradition, it conserves the folklore of the Mayan fishermen. It is found 91 kilometers from the city of Merida and 216 kilometers to the north of Campeche. It was declared a Faunal Refuge and Protected Area from more than 30 years ago and is considered the birthplace of the eco-tourism in Mexico.

For whom it is recommendable?
The lovers of the nature will be charmed by all the birds that fly through the skies of Celestun. Here you will find extensive beaches lined with coconut trees where you can enjoy the sun, the sand and the warm emerald colored waters of the Gulf of Mexico. To visit Celestun is to enter one of the main living areas habited by the flamingos and the sea turtles in danger of extinction; the birds come to pass the winter and the turtles deposit their eggs on the beach.

There is great richness in endemic species of plants and a great number of fish and marine species, in addition to some of the crocodile species in danger of extinction that live in the mangrove swamps. Visit the Biosphere Reserve where you can observe more than 300 species among pelicans, roadrunners, vultures, woodpeckers, hummingbirds etc. This is without counting the pink flamingo, one of the most beautiful habitants in the place.

Would you like to live this beautiful experience in Celestun?